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I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University, joining the Formula Student team in 2014. Formula Student became a huge part of my life at university, and I took on the role of team leader a year later. It was a great couple of years shared with a passionate group of amazing people. My time in the team provided practical experience in a real world project which prepared me for a life in engineering more than any other aspect of my university career. I have since graduated and am currently working as a design engineer at Ariel Motors. I was employed mostly because of my work in Formula Student and love my job.

I studied Motorsport Engineering and was part of the Formula Student team for the full four years of my degree, joining in 2013. For the first 18 months I took the role of Team Manager, as my engineering knowledge grew I stepped away from management and moved into more technical roles. In my last year I was responsible for the design and integration of the uprights, hubs and brakes of the car. Since graduating I have been at Multimatic Technical Centre Europe, working as a Motorsport Suspension Design Engineer. I attribute my employability directly to the skills and knowledge gained through Formula Student.

I studied a masters in Aerospace Engineering at the university. I joined the team in my 3rd year and then in my final year I took on the role as team leader in 2014. This was a great opportunity for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Undertaking the role in my final year was a challenge to try and juggle it alongside all my university work but it was great practice to learn how best to manage all of my time. Formula student gives you a great chance to be involved with real world companies and real-world problems and also allows you to apply all of the skills and knowledge that you have gained at university and see them function practically. I am currently training to be a pilot with British Airways, formula student proved to be very useful in my interview as it provided a lot of real world examples of teamwork and leadership. I’m hoping that it is something that will continue to be useful throughout my career.

Here you'll find a list of former UWE Formula Student Members. This page highlights the fantastic opportunity that it offers to students of all courses.