​​​What is Formula Student?

Formula Student provides a great opportunity for students to put what they have learnt in their degree into real world practice by giving a real world problem constrained by a rule book to a group of students in order to deliver the best solution. 

Our History

This is will be our 10th successive year of competing within Formula Student. We have a whole host of cars, accumulating in our  UWEFS-9 car.

UWE Formula Student Aims

Develop the classroom students of today into the real world engineers of tomorrow.
Provide the opportunity of a practical extension for courses across the University of West of England’s modules.
Provide a quality and tangible dissertation subject for the final year engineering students.
Contribute to the innovation of amateur motorsport.
Promote inclusion and provide an opportunity for all students from any background.

Sponsorship and becoming a partner

As a team who are always looking to work with corporate sponsors, UWE Formula Student are appealing to companies and local businesses who may be interested in becoming a crucial part of the UWE Formula Student success story.

What makes us different?

We are founded sponsors of the BLOODHOUND SCC 1000MPH Supersonic Car. 
Featured on Top Gear during their Robin Reliant challenge.
Our F1 Carbon Fibre Monocoque Simulator allows us to test our Chassis set up prior to events.
We were proud to be situated within the European Green Capital of 2015.
Featured on Made In Bristol TV as seen on YouTube. 
Two-page article featured in the Bristol Post.
We are resourceful with the money provided by our university as well as raising money through initiative.
We accept students from every year of study bringing new ideas and allowing learning to be accelerated.

Our Achievements to Date:

Class 1


-Placed 6th overall at Formula Student UK

-Placed 3rd in the second year car category at Formula Student UK

-Skid Pad winners at Formula Student UK


-Placed 8th at Formula Student UK

-Placed 7th at Formula Student Netherlands


-Placed 42nd at Formula Student UK


-Placed 30th at Formula Student UK


-Placed 62nd at Formula Student UK


-Placed 79th at Formula Student UK


-Placed 86th at Formula Student UK

Class 2 


-Placed 12th at Formula Student UK


-Placed 8th at Formula Student UK


-Placed 10th at Formula Student UK

​About us 

​​​UWE Formula Student compromises of over 60 students from all disciplines within the University; from Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace Engineering through to Business and Marketing, Media and IT. These fields are all tied together by a faculty adviser from the university providing a crucial link between our team, our faculty and The Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Formula Student provides a great opportunity for students to put what they have learned in their degree into real world practice, due to the way formula student is judged not just on the design and engineering behind the car but in the business, marketing and costing side of the project as well. Becoming part of Formula Student also greatly improves all of the student’s CVs and is highly respected by employers throughout industry.